Subscriber Conditions

TWINT AG is giving away CHF 1000 each to the 10 most active TWINT users in the period from 22.10.2018 (0:00 CET) until 31.10.2018 (24:00 CET) The most active users are those participants who execute as many different TWINT transactions as possible during the aforementioned period. Both payments at the POS, in online shops and paying with TWINT amongst friends (P2P) count as TWINT transactions. Only separate transactions will be counted (payments in different shops or payments to different people). The transaction must amount to at least CHF 2. Participation is free and there is no payment or any other usage obligation of the TWINT app. It shall also be possible to take part free of charge via the online form at

To register with TWINT, users must first install the TWINT app for iPhone or Android on their device. The download links can be found at

In cases of suspicion of fraud or misuse, TWINT reserves the right, without stating a reason, to exclude individual participants from the prize draw, stop the prize draw or reclaim the prize. Should TWINT exclude individual participants or stop the prize draw, there shall be no entitlement to payment or compensation.

In addition, the terms of the TWINT app shall also apply.

Should more than ten people execute the same number of separate transactions, the winners of the prize draw will be chosen by a random generator. The winners will be notified directly after the end of the prize draw. The prize can neither be exchanged nor paid out in cash. There shall be no right of appeal. There shall be no correspondence regarding the prize draw. All taxes, fees and duties payable as a result of winning the prize shall be borne by the winner.

The winner has the right to rescind the prize. TWINT shall not assume any liability in connection with the prize draw. Swiss law applies. The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Zurich.