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Always have your Nespresso coffee within reach with TWINTAlways have your Nespresso coffee within reach with TWINT

Order your Nespresso coffee by 31 May 2021 using the QR code sticker on your coffee machine and you will automatically be entered into the prize draw. With a little luck, you could be one of the three winners each month, and will soon be the owner of a Nespresso CitiZ Black machine worth 199 francs.

Don’t have a sticker yet?

The link will open in a new window Order a sticker for your Nespresso machine now.

Order your coffee more quickly and easily than ever

Order your Nespresso coffee in just three steps via QR code directly in the TWINT app:

  • Open the TWINT app
  • Scan the QR code on your coffee machine
  • You will be forwarded directly to the Nespresso Boutique to select your coffee and complete your order. That’s it.