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Questions and answers

  • No. The PostFinance TWINT App can only be linked to a PostFinance private account.

    However, if you want to accept TWINT as a payment solution, you will find an overview of all the advantages via the link below:

    The link will open in a new window Further information on 

  • The yellow PostFinance TWINT App is the direct link to your PostFinance account or credit card. It’s therefore only available to PostFinance customers who have registered with the PostFinance Card and the yellow card reader. The TWINT prepaid app will remain an independent prepaid app.
  • Yes, this is possible. You can install and use several TWINT Apps from several banks on the same smartphone.

    For the P2P function (send/receive money), the most recently installed app is used automatically to receive the money (which you can adjust in the app settings).

  • This function is currently not available, but will be considered for future versions of the PostFinance TWINT App.
  • You can receive a maximum of CHF 4,000 per calendar month. The limit cannot be adjusted. The amount of money you can send depends on what your available account balance is. 
  • Account linking: a maximum of CHF 5,000 can be used for payments per calendar month. Credit card: the limit depends on what the credit card’s limit is.
  • This is currently not technically possible.

    To modify your account, you will need to register again with the account you would like. Your old account will then be deleted. This will result in the loss of data and transaction history.

  • Apple would have to open up its interface, which it has only made available for its own system. This is why TWINT uses alternative connection methods, i.e. Bluetooth beacons and QR codes.

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