Up to date with your finances at all times

With our “Notifications” service, you can stay up to date with your finances at all times. It’s easy to set up the notifications you need in e-finance or in the PostFinance App. Choose between push messages, SMS or e-mail to view your account transactions, new electronic invoicing, credit card transactions and e-trading developments.

Notifications: for an even better overview of your finances

  • For electronic invoicing, account transactions, credit card transactions and e-trading

  • Choice between push messages on your smartphone, e-mail or SMS

  • Free and immediate delivery

  • Preconditions

    • You need a Swiss mobile phone number for SMS messages
    • Activate push messages on your smartphone in the device settings 

    Set up notifications

    Set up all notifications conveniently in e-finance.

  • Account transactions by SMS or e-mail

    You can receive all SMS and e-mail notifications with or without details as required:

    • Balance exceeded or not reached
    • Credits and debits
    • Non-executed payments and orders

    Credit card transactions by SMS

    You will receive all options immediately after the transaction has been executed:

    • Debits in Switzerland, abroad and in online shops
    • Credits on the card account
    • Available balance/amount not reached

    If you do not have e-finance, please contact the PostFinance Card Center: Tel. 0848 888 400 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

    New electronic invoicing by push message or e-mail

    You will receive a notification as soon as a new electronic invoicing arrives in your e-finance.

    E-trading alerts by push message, e-mail or SMS

    You can receive all messages with or without details as required:

    • Subscribe to alerts 
    • Corporate actions
    • Price limits reached
    • Execution status of stock market orders
    • Incoming securities from third-party banks
    • Receipt of trading credits