Subscriber Conditions

Change to PostFinance e-trading now and we will cover the security transfer costs up to CHF 800. Aprite online in pochi clic il vostro deposito titoli e-trading.

Open e-trading

A private account in CHF or a savings account and the e-finance service are needed for e-trading.

Execute transfer

Send your current bank the necessary details after opening your e-trading account:

  • The six- or seven-digit contract number of the newly opened e-trading account
  • The securities positions to be transferred
  • The details of our e-trading settlement bank (please copy in full):
    Swissquote Bank SA
    Back Office – Settlement
    Ch. de la Crétaux 33
    Case Postale 319
    CH-1196 Gland
    Fax: +41 22 999 94 42

Your current bank will execute the transfer. As soon as the transfer has been carried out you will see the securities in e-trading. Your bank will debit the security transfer costs from you; this can happen in several stages, as not all securities are transferred at the same time.

Request fee refund

  • Scan all your expenses receipts and send them to us via the secure mailbox in e-finance with “e-trading” in the subject line.
  • PostFinance will reimburse the expenses to your private account. The transfer will be carried out by around the tenth working day of the month following the submission of the expenses receipts.