Getting started with e-trading

Familiarize yourself with our trading platform really easily, step by step.

The most important e-trading functions

  • Select the  «Transfer» menu item in order to pay money into the desired e-trading account.
  • Use the quick search in the «Search» widget if you already have a clear idea of the securities you want to invest in. The advanced search offers you a range of settings to choose from that will help you to make a decision.
  • In the «Search» widget, select the security you wish to trade. The order screen will then appear when you click on the yellow «Trade» button.

    On the order screen, you specify the number of orders, and you also specify the order type you want and the validity of the order. Verify the details, for instance the overall costs or the account being debited, and then click on the button «Prepare order» to place your order on the stock exchange. You will then find the order under the menu item «Transactions».


  • Add any widgets you want in the work area and place these in an order that suits you.

Find out more about the pricing model in this video.

Additional helpful services

  • Order your ticket for the General Meeting (bearer shares) really easily under  «My Services». 
  • Order a detailed tax statement of your securities under  «My Services». You will receive the requested documents directly in e-trading.


  • Transfer, incoming or outgoing delivery of securities. You can download the relevant form under  «My Services».

The knowledge platform «All about the stock exchange»

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