Carry out stock exchange transactions simply and conveniently online

Stock exchange trading made easy. E-trading enables you to buy and sell securities independently online – no matter whether you access your securities custody account via computer or smartphone. Our intuitive trading platform will help you to implement your investment strategy.

E-trading: trade securities yourself online

  • Free securities custody account in the year of opening

  • CHF 90 annual fee converted to trading credits in the following year

  • Trade in securities from as little as CHF 15

  • Bonus programme with reimbursement of up to 20% on the brokerage turnover (semi-annual reimbursement)

  • Shares, ETFs, funds, structured products / themed certificates, crypto products and other investment products

  • Securities transfer fees up to CHF 800 covered when you switch to e-trading

  • Simple and compact or individual and extensive. We show you how to use e-trading and customize it as needed so you can keep a constant overview.


    You need a private account with e-finance to use e-trading.

    Other conditions:

    • Domicile in Switzerland
    • Private individuals aged 18 years and above
    • Customer is the beneficial owner of the assets
    • Non-US person

    Assumption of securities transfer fees

    Switch to e-trading now, and we will cover the transfer fees up to 800 francs.

    Issue stock market order

    Issue a stock market order directly in e-finance, in the PostFinance App or by telephone. We advise you to activate notifications to remain fully up to date at all times.

    Stock exchange orders by telephone, Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    Tel. 0848 900 009 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

  • You can use your e-trading securities custody account to trade common types of securities such as:

  • Our prices and conditions – in simple terms

    Find out more about our attractive pricing model. 

    Annual fees

    The annual fee for one year will be debited from you at the start of the year. There is no pro rata reimbursement for cancellations made during the course of the year.

    1st custody account
    CHF 90 per year
    Each additional custody account
    CHF 30 per year

    Trading credits

    The annual fees will be credited to you in full as trading credits towards brokerage fees. Trading credits can be used for securities transactions only (not applicable to corporate actions / offline traded securities).
    Unused trading credits expire at the end of the year.

    ServiceTrading credits equivalent to
    1st custody account
    Trading credits equivalent to
    CHF 90
    Each additional custody account
    Trading credits equivalent to
    CHF 30

    Bonus programme

    Thanks to the bonus programme, you will receive a staggered refund on the brokerage turnover. Only securities transactions qualify for the bonus programme (no use for Corporate Actions).

    Number of trades per calendar yearReimbursement
    Number of trades per calendar year
    0 to 9 trades
    No reimbursement
    Number of trades per calendar year
    10 to 19 trades
    10% of brokerage turnover (from the 10th trade)
    Number of trades per calendar year
    20 or more trades
    20% of brokerage turnover (from the 20th trade)

    Brokerage fees and other charges

    Brokerage fees and other charges are due whenever a security is bought or sold. The brokerage fee charged depends on the number of securities and the stock exchange.

  • E-trading and security

    E-trading uses a multi-level security system and highly encrypted data transmission.


    The e-trading service is not fully accessible. Customers who would like to have a fully accessible alternative are requested to contact the e-trading Contact Center: 
    Tel. 0848 900 009 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)
    Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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