The virtual moneybox

With e-moneybox, you can easily set money aside with each purchase you make with the PostFinance Card. You decide whether you want to round up your purchases to the next 1 or 10 francs.

E-moneybox: set money aside automatically

  • Transactions with the PostFinance Card are rounded up automatically

  • Credit account of your choice

  • Rounding limit of CHF 1 or CHF 10 is chosen by you

  • Save money easily

  • Free of charge

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  • Setting up e-moneybox is easy:

    • Log in to e-finance
    • In “Settings and Services”, select e-moneybox
    • Choose a rounding amount
    • Choose a credit account
  • To use e-moneybox, the following preconditions must be met:

    • Postal account in CHF with sole signatory rights
    • PostFinance Card Direct
    • E-finance
    • Free choice of credit account in CHF at PostFinance
    • Whenever you use your PostFinance Card, the purchase amount is simply rounded up according to your wishes. The total of the rounded amounts is transferred once a month to the credit account of your choice.

  • How much money is accumulated in e-moneybox?

    The more you pay with your PostFinance Card, the quicker the amount in your e-moneybox will grow. The amount of money accumulated is determined by your choice of rounding amount.

    Calculation examples

    Rounding amount
    Pay with PostFinance Card three times a week
    Pay with PostFinance Card once a day
    Rounding up to CHF 1
    Around CHF 5 at the end of the month in e-moneybox
    Around CHF 10 at the end of the month in e-moneybox
    Rounding up to CHF 10
    Around CHF 50 at the end of the month in e-moneybox
    Around CHF 100 at the end of the month in e-moneybox

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