E-finance login

It couldn’t be easier

We are very pleased that you have chosen e-finance, PostFinance’s online banking platform. E-finance is simple and practical. The PostFinance ID login procedure meets the highest security standards.

You need:

  • Your e-finance number and password

  • Your e-finance user ID (only for customers with several users)

  • PostFinance Card with PIN and card reader

Step 1:

  • On postfinance.ch, select “Login” at the top right
  • Enter your e-finance number, your password and, if available, your user ID. Confirm with “Next”

Step 2:

  • Insert your PostFinance Card into the card reader. The word “Challenge” will be displayed on the card reader
  • Enter the number that is displayed in e-finance under “Input for card reader” into the card reader. Confirm with “OK”
  • Enter your card’s PIN. Your PIN is the number you enter at an ATM / the number you received with your card. Confirm with “OK”

Step 3:

  • The message “Code = x xxx xxx” will be displayed on the card reader. Copy this seven- to nine-digit number from the “Code” field into the “Code from card reader” field
  • Click on “Login”; you are now logged in
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