For a simple overview

E-cockpit lets you track your finances and keep them under control. It automatically sorts your e-finance spending into different categories, such as “Household” or “Living”, and displays them in graphs. Furthermore, e-cockpit also helps you create and monitor budget and savings goals.

As part of a review of our product range, we have decided to discontinue e-cockpit as of 11 February 2022.

  • To use e-cockpit, the following prerequisites apply:
    As an e-finance user you will receive access to e-cockpit after logging in. As a new customer or a customer without e-finance, you can order e-finance online now and receive e-cockpit as well.

    You can unsubscribe from e-cockpit at any time.

  • Transactions

    Your transactions (credits, payments, etc.) are automatically assigned to a category (e.g. “Living”). With no extra effort, this provides you with a quick overview of how you have spent your money and what your income is made up of over the past five years. You can make changes at any time and, for example, modify categories.

    Incomings, expenditure, monthly balance

    Analyse income, spending and the monthly difference using clear diagrams and comprehensive configuration options.


    Plan your regular monthly expenditure.

    Savings goals

    Make your financial goals visible. Irrespective of how you save, e-cockpit helps you along the way and shows you deviations.

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