Credit for paysafecard

Purchase simply without credit cards

With paysafecard, the popular prepaid online payment method, no personal bank or credit card data needs to be entered online. paysafecard can be used on all well-known websites for games (such as Steam), social media, communities, music, film and entertainment. You can purchase credit for paysafecard without a credit card via the PostFinance App, with the SMS fast service (e.g. PSC75 to 474), at Postomats and now also in e-finance.

paysafecard: purchase credit 24/7 via the app, e-finance or at Postomats

  • Purchase credit without credit cards

  • Direct debit from your private account

  • Cost control for subscriptions and memberships


  • Purchase via app: private account and the PostFinance App (Android or iOS) 
  • Purchase via the fast service: private account with the fast service
  • Purchase from Postomats: private account with the PostFinance Card
  • Purchase in e-finance: private account with e-finance

Products available

  • CHF 25 of credit for paysafecard
  • CHF 75 of credit for paysafecard
  • CHF 150 of credit for paysafecard

There are no additional fees for your purchase.

With the PostFinance App

Wherever you happen to be: log in, purchase and redeem credit, and start shopping online.


Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play:

In e-finance

Select the “Assets” tile under the “Offers” menu or log in directly.

At Postomats

At Postomats, select the menu item “Purchase and load”.