PostFinance Benefit

Get your money back

Much better than loyalty points. With PostFinance Benefit you can save money on purchases in stores and online shops. Reserve the offer simply and conveniently with just one click and then pay in the store or online shop using your PostFinance Card. And with the notifications you will never miss an offer again.

The PostFinance Benefit product will no longer be available from 16 August 2021.

    1. Log in: log in to e-finance and select the “PostFinance Benefit” tile under “Offers”.
    2. Reserve: reserve your offer simply and conveniently in e-finance or in the PostFinance App.
    3. Benefit: pay the regular price to the provider using your PostFinance Card. The discount will be credited automatically to your private account in the middle of the following month.
    4. You can unsubscribe from PostFinance Benefit at any time in e-finance.

    Once the service has been activated in e-finance, we will recognize your interests based on your payments with the PostFinance Card. For example: You love films and pay for your cinema tickets with your PostFinance Card. PostFinance Benefit compiles film-related offers for you as soon as they become available.

    • You have a PostFinance private account
    • You are registered for e-finance
    • You are over 18 years of age
    • You use your PostFinance Card
    • You have accepted section 20 of the e-finance Subscriber Conditions.
    • You are resident in Switzerland
  • Receive notifications on PostFinance Benefit events free of charge via push message, e-mail or SMS. The following events are available as a message: 

    • New offer
    • Reserved offer is expiring
    • Reserved offer is expiring today
    • PostFinance is legally bound to ensure the confidentiality of your data
    • The third-party provider will not be able to consult your data at any time
    • No data will be passed on

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