PostFinance Mastercard Value

Get money back on all purchases worldwide

The PostFinance Mastercard® Value is a prepaid card that works like a credit card: You can load credit easily and conveniently in e-finance and via the PostFinance App. You can also access all your credit card details and receive SMS notifications about the transactions you have carried out. You get money back on all purchases made in Switzerland and abroad. The PostFinance Mastercard Value is one of the best cards available in Switzerland.

Award for PostFinance credit cards

In the satisfaction survey, PostFinance customers rated PostFinance’s credit card range “very good”. Credit cards Rating very good

PostFinance Mastercard Value: get money back on all purchases worldwide

  • Card on a credit balance basis

  • Make cashless purchases worldwide and pay online

  • Make contactless payments  

  • Withdraw cash worldwide

  • Transaction overview and card top-up online in e-finance    

  • Check your account balance at any Postomat or ATM in Switzerland and around the world via the SMS card service

  • Bonus programme – money back on all purchases worldwide

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