PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard®

Easy payments at home and abroad

A horse in the dog park, an on-trend fire haircut, pizza with insects, or even a selfie marathon on holiday? Are these things normal? There’s no clear-cut answer, but what is now normal is this: with the new PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard, you can pay anywhere in Switzerland and abroad. And of course, you can also make your online purchases from the comfort of your home.

The benefits of the debit card at a glance

  • In Switzerland, you can pay wherever the PostFinance Card logo or the Mastercard logo is displayed

  • Make cashless payments worldwide – in shops and online shops: look out for the Mastercard logo

  • Secure payment in online shops – with one-off 3D Secure registration

  • Free cash withdrawals at Postomats, in Swiss Post branches and in countless shops in Switzerland.

  • Withdraw cash worldwide at ATMs displaying the Mastercard logo

Useful to know

  • You can pay with your PostFinance Card as before wherever the PostFinance logo is displayed. The card is also accepted wherever the Mastercard logo is displayed.

    Before you can start making contactless payments, a contact-based transaction using your PIN is required, for example checking your account balance at a Postomat.

  • You can pay with your PostFinance Card in online shops as usual. Where this option is not available, select “Mastercard”. This means you can pay with your PostFinance Card in online shops worldwide. 

    Make payments via Mastercard – how to proceed
    Follow the instructions. In most cases, you will have to enter the following data from your card (additional checks are at the merchant’s discretion):

    • Card number
    • Card expiry date
    • Card verification number
  • Pay securely with your PostFinance Card. If you make the payment with Mastercard, the globally accepted 3-D Secure procedure is used. Complete a one-time activation for 3-D Secure now.

    Precondition: A phone number from a Swiss mobile provider.

    If you use e-finance
    Activate 3-D Secure directly in e-finance under Settings > My products. Activate 3-D Secure in the PostFinance App under Settings > My cards.

    If you do not have e-finance
    Activate 3-D Secure by entering your card data.

    The link will open in a new window Activate 3-D Secure for PostFinance Card with Debit Mastercard

  • The current withdrawal limits remain unchanged. The contactless function allows you to pay amounts up to CHF 100 with the PostFinance Card without entering your PIN. The limit is CHF 80 for purchases processed with the Debit Mastercard.
  • The PostFinance Card for private customers remains free of charge.
    For business customers, the PostFinance Card costs CHF 30 per year, as before.

    A processing fee of 1.5% applies on purchases made abroad (goods or services bought in shops and online).

    Other prices for private customers in detail

    Other prices for business customers in detail

  • PostFinance Card with Debit Mastercard:

    • Account debited directly

    PostFinance credit card:

    • Bonus programme (cashback on sales turnover)
    • Car rental discount with AVIS
    • Financial flexibility (monthly invoice, partial payment possible)
    • Reservation guarantee: debit cards are often not accepted when booking accommodation, rental cars or flights. But a credit card guarantees the reservation.
    • Mobile payments with: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay or SwatchPAY!
    • Value added services depending on credit card: travel insurance, VIP and concierge service, Priority Pass with airport lounge access