Digital PostFinance Card

Convenient payment with your Android smartphone

Activate your PostFinance Card once in the PostFinance App and make payments conveniently with your smartphone at the checkout.

Digital PostFinance Card: convenient payment with your Android smartphone

    • Free of charge
    • For all NFC-enabled Android smartphones
    • Direct debit from your private account
    • Works wherever contactless payments are possible
  • Preconditions

    • You own an NFC-enabled Android smartphone with an operating system from 5.0 upwards
    • You are registered for the fast service in the PostFinance App
    • You require your PostFinance Card in CHF and a yellow card reader for the one-off activation process

    How to activate the digital PostFinance Card

    • Select the “Digital PostFinance Card” tile in the PostFinance App
    • Follow the instructions on your smartphone
    • Activate the NFC function on your smartphone
    • Activate the smartphone screen
    • Hold the smartphone against the contactless payment symbol on the payment terminal
    • Wait until the light starts flashing – the payment has then already been made
    • For amounts over CHF 40, you will be required to enter your PIN at the payment terminal (same PIN as for your PostFinance Card)
  • How many digital PostFinance Cards can be activated and stored?

    A maximum of one PostFinance Card can be stored in the app.

    Where can I pay using my digital PostFinance Card?

    Contactless payments are possible at most points of sale in Switzerland. Look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal.

    How secure are contactless payments with the digital PostFinance Card?

    The digital PostFinance Card uses the same security mechanisms as the physical PostFinance Card with the contactless payment function. For amounts over CHF 40, you will be required to enter the PIN (same PIN as for your PostFinance Card).

    What do I need to do if my physical PostFinance Card is replaced?

    When you receive a new PostFinance Card, you will be given a new ID number (on the back of the card) which you will need to register once in the fast service in the PostFinance App using the yellow card reader.

    How can I block the digital PostFinance Card?

    You can deactivate the digital PostFinance Card yourself in the PostFinance App at any time. If you lose your smartphone, you can request deactivation by phone on 0800 88 88 77 (max. CHF 0.08/min. within Switzerland). Deactivation does not restrict the use of your physical PostFinance Card in any way.

    Why does the digital PostFinance Card only work with an Android smartphone?

    The solution is based on NFC technology, which Apple permits only for the use of its own products.