Make contactless payments

Make contactless payments with your card

All PostFinance credit and debit cards are equipped with the contactless function. For small amounts, you can simply hold your card against the payment terminal, and your purchase is complete. For sums exceeding CHF 80, you will need to enter your PIN.

Here's how it works

  1. Just hold your card in front of a card terminal with the contactless symbol
  2. Wait until the light flashes
  3. Your purchase has now been paid for
Contactless symbol

Before you can start making contactless payments, a contact-based transaction using your PIN is required, for example checking your account balance at a Postomat.

  • Cards can be recognized by the contactless logo (outlined in red):

  • Look for this contactless symbol when making purchases

    Contactless payments can be made anywhere you see the contactless symbol. This is the case at most points of sale in Switzerland.

    PostFinance Card

    For contactless payments in Switzerland.

    PostFinance credit card

    For contactless payments worldwide.

    Contactless symbol
  • Payments using the contactless function are secure for the following reasons:

    • The card remains in your hand during the entire payment process
    • Data exchange between the card’s chip and the card reader is only possible if you hold the card close to the reader
    • You can only carry out one transaction each time you hold the card to the reader as the card’s security chip generates a one-off code for each transaction. Attempts to reuse this code or to use incorrect codes will be spotted immediately
    • For sums exceeding CHF 80, you will need to enter your PIN
  • PostFinance Card

    Deactivate the contactless function for your PostFinance Card in e-finance

    You can also deactivate the contactless payment function at Postomats.

    A contact-based transaction using the PIN, e.g. at a Postomat, is required for the deactivation to become effective on your card.

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