Gift savings account

The ideal account for your grandchild or godchild

The gift savings account from PostFinance is ideal for setting money aside for your grandchild or godchild on a regular or intermittent basis.

Gift savings account: can be managed using e-finance

  • Preferential interest rate of 0.55%

  • The account is in the child’s name

  • Automatic handover of power of attorney for the account when the child reaches legal age

  • Gift certificate for symbolic handover of the account

    • A gift savings account can be opened only for children domiciled in Switzerland
    • The gift savings account is opened in the child’s name
    • Quarterly account statement on paper or online in e-finance
    • Annual interest statement on paper or online in e-finance

    Great prospects for children and a warm thank you

    If you pay CHF 50 into the newly-opened gift savings account for your grandchild or godchild within the first month, we’ll give you an original money pouch made from old mail bags.

  • Current interest rates

    Current gift savings account interest rates

    Interest rate
    Interest limit
    CHF 25,000

    Assets above the interest limit earn interest at the rate applicable to the savings account.

    Withdrawal conditions

    Number of free withdrawals/payment slips
    • Ten withdrawals per customer and calendar year
    • CHF 8 for each additional withdrawal
    Amount not subject to notice
    • CHF 100,000
    • 3 months’ notice period for larger amounts
    • Withdrawal notices are valid for 30 days beyond the notice deadline. No written notice is required for transfer to PostFinance services (with the exception of PostFinance private account withdrawals)
    If the notice period is not observed
    • Charge of 1% of the amount exceeding the limit is charged at end of the month or when the account is closed

    Cash withdrawal with the account card

    Both the account card and cash withdrawals at Postomats and post office counters are free of charge.

  • How can I make withdrawals?

    The conditions are the same as for a savings account.

    Who pays tax on the capital in the gift savings account?

    The person who opens the account (e.g. the godmother, godfather, grandmother or grandfather) declares the account on their tax return.

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