For (future) retirees

Are you about to retire, or are you already at retirement age? If so, careful financial planning is key. We will be more than happy to help you plan for retirement and the future.

Investing money the right way

Don’t want to simply leave your money doing nothing? The best investment for you will always depend on your own personal objectives. You also decide how we advise you, or whether you want to manage your investments independently through e-trading. 

Easing your way into retirement

Are you worried about life when you’ve retired? PostFinance will help you plan for this stage of your life as effectively as possible. We can discuss the possibility of early retirement, or quite simply your finances when you reach retirement age in general.  

Retired at last

You have now successfully retired and you want to get the most out of your finances? We would be pleased to set aside time for a personal consultation. 

What to do with your assets

Want to decide what to do with your assets at an early stage? Are you planning on leaving them as gifts? Or do you want to deal with how to authorize and inform trusted persons? We can help you out.

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