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Created on 09.10.2020

With our savings account, anything is possible

Saving, making your dream comes true, and planning for your future. These are things that we all think about. After all, the world is full of wonders and life is filled with desires. And we want these to come true – as easily as possible. The account services on offer have changed significantly over the past few decades.

Savings books are a thing of the past.

Not so long ago, savings books were the most popular way to set money aside. This wasn't phased out until the early 2000s. The savings book was similar to today’s bank statements. When you paid money into the bank, this was noted in the savings book with a stamp and the current account balance. The savings book was easy to use, but not secure. In the event of a break-in, it could easily be stolen and the owner could lose all the money they had saved.

The result: massive disappointment and shattered dreams.

Savings accounts are the modern option

Digitization makes saving much easier. With online and mobile banking, customers always have their accounts under their own control. A savings account not only replaces the savings book, but also expands on it. Now, it is easy to set money aside so that you can plan for the future and gradually build towards making your dreams come true.

Tips for parents, godparents and grandparents

You can use them to surprise your loved ones, plan for the future, and make your dreams come true.   

  • Parents or legal guardians are authorized to open a youth savings account in a child’s name. It is easy for family members and related parties to help young people finance their plans for the future by paying money into youth savings accounts.  
  • Godparents and grandparents can open their own savings accounts with an additional name (niece/nephew or grandchild) to give their loved ones a good start in life. They can have the savings paid out or transfer the amount to their loved ones at any time.

Using standing orders

A youth savings account and an active standing order make it easy to plan for the future. The standing order is an easy way to save a little money from your wages every month and invest it directly in the youth savings account or savings account. You define the time and frequency of the automatic transfer, enabling you to you save for your loved ones without noticing it and with no additional effort.

This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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