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Created on 04.01.2023

Find the documents you need for your tax statement with ease

Have you already tried in vain to find your bank documents for this year’s tax statement? Find out here where and how to get hold of the tax documents you need for your bank accounts and securities.

How you receive your tax documents – digitally or by post

As an e-finance customer, you’ll find your current tax documents in the document center shortly after the start of the year (see instructions below). You can download them yourself and print them out if you wish. You’ll receive your tax documents for your bank or savings account in physical format by post only if you’ve selected the paper option for your banking package. This excludes life insurance documents, which are always sent by post. Please note that tax certificates for e-trading must be ordered separately, and a fee applies for this.

  • Instructions: Where you can find your tax documents in e-finance with ease

    To find tax documents with ease in e-finance, you should select “Documents” in the navigation bar and then the “Documents” tab. Choose the “Taxes” category. Under “Date”, set the “Time period” option to a range between the current date and at least one year in the past.

    Are you an e-finance customer and already logged in? If so, go to the main menu and select the following categories under “Documents” to find the documents you’re looking for quickly and without any fuss: 

    • Interest income statements: Select the “Taxes” category to view your interest income statements
    • Retirement savings account 3a tax certificate: Also under the “Taxes” category, you will find the tax certificate for your retirement savings account 3a, provided you’ve paid into it in the year in question
    • Fund custody account statement: Select the “Investments” category to view your fund custody account statement


    Do you use our fund self-service and fund consulting basic investment solutions? Find out in our support document what to bear in mind for your funds when completing your tax statement.

  • Would you like to download or print your tax documents in the PostFinance App? Log in to the app and click on the “More” button in the bottom right. Under Services, you will find your “Documents”. Filter your search using the “magnifying glass” in the top right by selecting “Taxes” and confirming by clicking on “Search”. 

    Do you want to print or send your tax document from your smartphone? Open the document and select the icon displayed in the top right. 

Useful information

Not all tax documents are available in e-finance on 1 January in the New Year. To download all documents at the same time, you should ideally wait until 15 January at the earliest. Or keep an eye on the “notification bell” in e-finance. 

Would you like to receive your tax documents as a paper statement by post once again in future?

If you’ve chosen the electronic option, you can’t switch the setting back to the physical statement by yourself. Please contact our hotline for private customers to switch to the paper option. Please note that this does not take effect until the end of the following month and costs 5 francs a month. 

Receive tax documents for the current tax year by post on a one-off basis

Do you want only the current tax certificates to be sent to your home address by post? In that case, please order the account statement or interest income statement online or via our hotline for private customers. A charge of 5 francs per document applies. This also applies if you have changed your delivery type to the paper option at the start of the new year. 

Where to find the tax statement for your investments for individual securities in e-trading

You can transfer information − such as capital income from the dividends on your equities or investment funds − manually from e-trading to your tax statement. A tax certificate is not mandatory. But if you want to have one, you can order a tax certificate for your e-trading account via the following link. This provides a summary of your assets as at 31 December. The order costs 96.95 francs. After ordering, you will find the tax certificate in your e-finance document center, under the “Taxes” category. 

Do you want links to tax documents or account statements? Or are you missing a document that you need to complete your tax statement? You’ll find an overview of all information on our support page “Bank statement, interest statement and tax certificate”. 

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