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Created on 05.11.2020

Payment assistant – make payments easily

It’s never been so easy to make payments on your computer or smartphone. Thanks to a smart input screen and an optimized template function, you can enter and manage payments in just seconds. Perfect for all those who like things done quickly.

Enter payments quickly and easily. 1. Log in to e-finance via the PostFinance App using fingerprint or Face ID. 2. Click "Enter payment" in the input field. 3. Enter the name and account number of the payment recipient. 4. If you have already made a payment to the recipient, you can apply the template with a click. 5. Enter all the required details and click on "Send" to execute the payment. Digitally. Quickly. Securely.

Other practical possibilities for entering payments

Check it out!

Have you received an orange inpayment slip or a QR-bill by e-mail? Drag PDF and photo files directly into e-finance using the drag-and-drop function ― and you no longer need to type in any details. This function is available via the file icon in the payment assistant.

Pay bills without the tedious task of typing

You can also scan in orange inpayment slips and QR-bills using the camera on your computer or tablet. This function is available in e-finance via the camera icon in the payment assistant.


  • Secure access to all your accounts and payments
  • Round-the-clock access to your account documents
  • Easily manage settings and information: from notifications to changes of address
  • Domestic and international payments in different currencies

PostFinance App

  • Log in easily using your fingerprint or Face ID for the main functions
  • Keep constant track of your balance and transactions
  • Easily change settings, information and withdrawal limits
  • Scan inpayment slips and QR-bills and pay instantly
  • Purchase credit for your mobile phone, iTunes and more
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