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Created on 11.07.2019 | Updated on 05.11.2020

Scan + Pay lets you pay (QR-) bills quickly and conveniently

If you like things done quicker, you’ll be delighted to know that by logging in to e-finance on your mobile, you can scan and directly approve inpayment slips and QR-bills. This saves you the time-consuming task of entering the account and reference numbers, is quick and efficient, and means errors can be avoided.

Thanks to Scan + Pay, there's no need to type in reference numbers ever again. 1. Log in to e-finance via the PostFinance App using fingerprint or Face ID. 2. Under "Scan+Pay", click on "Scan". 3. Select the required debit account and click on "Next". 4. Scan in the code line to the bottom right of the inpayment slip or QR-bill. 5. Confirm the payment and add further information if required. Digitally. Quickly. Securely.


You can now also scan inpayment slips and QR-bills and upload PDF invoices in e-finance on your PC.

With eBill you receive bills in e-finance and can pay them in just a few clicks. There is no faster way.


  • Secure access to all your accounts and payments
  • Round-the-clock access to your account documents
  • Easily manage settings and information: from notifications to changes of address
  • Domestic and international payments in different currencies

PostFinance App

  • Log in easily using your fingerprint or Face ID for the main functions
  • Keep constant track of your balance and transactions
  • Easily change settings, information and withdrawal limits
  • Scan inpayment slips and QR-bills and pay instantly
  • Purchase credit for your mobile phone, iTunes and more
This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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