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Created on 18.06.2019

Hello fingerprint and Face ID – goodbye yellow card reader!

From now on, you can start using your fingerprint and your face ID for more than just unlocking your smartphone. They are also a new way for you to access e-finance. Read these ten questions and answers about the new “Login via app” process, and make your banking transactions quicker and simpler in the future.

Things couldn’t get any easier: the new login via app process makes getting into e-finance (and e-trading) quicker and simpler than ever before. Now you can forget all about the yellow card reader or your Mobile ID. Your fingerprint or Face ID are all you need to log in, and you will be able to make digital banking transactions even quicker. What you need to know about the new login via app process.

What exactly does fingerprint identification and Face ID mean?

Your finger and your face have biometric features that can be used to clearly verify your identity. Sensors are built into modern smartphones that can scan these biometric features. These biometric recognition systems are not just used to unlock devices, they are also being used more and more frequently in apps for identification purposes. More recently, they have also started being used in the PostFinance App for e-finance and e-trading.

How does the new fingerprint/Face ID login process work?

Previously, you had to use the yellow card reader and your PostFinance Card or your Mobile ID to log into e-finance. Now all you need is your smartphone as well as your fingerprint or your Face ID. The new login process is really simple with the PostFinance App: activate the new login process in the app so that each time you log into e-finance after that, you will be able to log in using your fingerprint/Face ID stored in the device’s settings.

What smartphones support the new login via app process?

Fingerprint identification is a feature built into the majority of iOS and Android smartphones. Facial recognition is currently only available on iOS devices, minimum requirement: iPhone X.

What steps do I need to take to use the new login via app process?

  • Step 1: download the PostFinance App in the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices) or update the app.
  • Step 2: activate the new login via app process on your smartphone.

How can I log into e-finance once I have activated login via app?

Once you have activated login via app, there are two ways to log in using this method:

Via the app on your smartphone

The easiest way to do this is via the app on your smartphone. Once you have logged in for the first time, when your password is still required, you can choose to activate the “password waiver”. Once activated, your password will no longer be requested in future, and all you will need is your fingerprint/your Face ID.

On your computer via web browsers

If you log into e-finance on your computer through web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox), you enter your e-finance number or your username and password each time you log in, as you would expect. You will then receive a login request on your smartphone that you can confirm either by fingerprint or Face ID. You cannot activate a password waiver when logging in via web browsers on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will this make the yellow card reader/Mobile ID redundant?

Once you have activated login via app, you will no longer need the yellow card reader/Mobile ID in future.

And what if I can’t use my smartphone at some point, for instance if it’s damaged?

You have the option of switching between all your registered/activated login methods at any time.

Is fingerprint login and Face ID login secure?

The new login via the PostFinance app procedure meets the highest security standards. This is thanks to secure encryption, the latest mobile app technologies and a key tied to specific devices with additional security features.

Fingerprint identification and Face ID are also becoming the norm for online purchases made by credit card. How do I activate this feature?

If you have activated login via app and the new 3-D Secure procedure on your smartphone, this is all taken care of: when making payments with your PostFinance credit or prepaid card in online shops that use 3-D Secure, you as a customer will be requested – via a push message sent to your smartphone – to confirm the purchase in the PostFinance App with fingerprint or Face ID. The old 3-D Secure password is being replaced.

Will PostFinance also know what my fingerprint or my Face ID look like in the future?

No, your fingerprint/Face ID is only stored on your smartphone. The PostFinance App solely asks for your permission to use these biometric features to identify you. PostFinance does not receive any information about your biometric data.

Activate the new login via app on your smartphone now and log in with your fingerprint or your Face ID from now on.

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