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Created on 12.11.2018

Build up your assets step by step with funds

It’s currently difficult to accrue assets due to the low interest on savings. The attractive long-term performance of PostFinance’s funds illustrate that alternatives exist. If you’re looking to combine the benefits of regular saving with the asset growth offered by investment funds, you can opt for a funds saving plan.

Almost all of us have a goal in mind, whether it’s renovating our apartment or house, going on a long trip or providing our children with a good education. Just saving and leaving your money in your bank account makes it difficult to achieve such dreams and goals. This is because the interest rates on savings accounts are too low. Financial investment provides the opportunity for better performance. Experience over recent decades  shows that if customers invest  their  money in funds , they can benefit from the opportunity to generate higher returns which the stock exchange offers.  Investment funds  are an effective and attractive means of building up assets, and not just when interest rates on savings are low.

Broad investment reduces risk

A fund invests the money from many different investors in a broad selection of securities,  such as shares, bonds and other investments. This means the risk can be spread across various different investments. With an actively  managed  fund, a specialist fund manager aims to ensure your investment is made up of the right mix  by trying to outperform the market. Of course, every  investment fund  is subject to the fluctuations of the financial markets. However, there is a better chance of higher returns in the long term   than if the money were left in a bank savings account.   The key thing is that you choose a fund in line with  your The link will open in a new window investor profile  and also the level of security required.

The benefits of the cost averaging effect

A fund savings plan is an ideal solution if you wish to save and invest on an ongoing basis. You make regular payments into the fund of your choice while at the same time benefiting from the cost averaging effect: more fund units are automatically purchased when prices are low, but fewer when they are high. This produces a cost averaging effect over a longer period of time, reducing the risk of investing at the wrong time.

Build up assets over the long term from as little as CHF 100.

You can set up a funds saving plan with PostFinance from as little as CHF 100 per month and regularly invest in the fund of your choice. A further benefit with PostFinance: you don’t pay any custody account fees. You can also flexibly change the level and frequency of payments and withdraw money from the fund at any time. You remain completely independent but at the same time are investing in your future. 

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