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Created on 19.03.2020

A personal piggy bank for everyone: tailored discounts

Customers who choose PostFinance Benefit are shown personal ways to save via e-finance or the PostFinance App. Here are the key questions and answers.

In 2019, users redeemed PostFinance Benefit offers in stores or online shops 30,000 times, and saved money at the same time: the top ten users alone saved a total of CHF 4,000. These key questions and answers explain what PostFinance Benefit is all about and how it works. 

What is PostFinance Benefit?

PostFinance Benefit is a way to save money while shopping. Based on the purchases that customers make with their PostFinance card, PostFinance Benefit can show them possible discounts that match their personal shopping preferences. 

Why PostFinance Benefit? There are already plenty of other ways to save money.

With PostFinance Benefit, users only receive offers that suit them. Suppose Anna loves buying shoes: as such, the current discount shown to her is from her local shoe shop displaying its offer via PostFinance Benefit. Markus, on the other hand, never spends money on shoes, but really loves books: as soon as a discount from a book store is available in PostFinance Benefit, the young man will be alerted to this in e-finance or in the PostFinance App. This means users don’t just benefit from the savings options offered by one provider, but by a great many.

Where can I view my offers?

Offers are shown to users in e-finance or in the PostFinance App. And you can also receive notifications sent by push message or e-mail when a new offer is available to you.

How do I receive the credit?

If a customer is interested in an offer, they reserve it with a click in e-finance or in the PostFinance App. They then pay the regular price for their purchase in the store or online shop using their PostFinance Card, and the discount is automatically credited straight into their account in the middle of the following month. The delay between purchase and credit is due to data protection (see next question).

How do you ensure data protection?

If a customer wishes to take advantage of PostFinance Benefit, they must actively register for it and consent to the associated participation and data protection provisions. Important: the anonymity of customers towards providers is guaranteed as the discount is only credited to the customer’s private account by PostFinance the following month. Retailers never have access to customer data. Furthermore, no data is passed on to third parties.

Which providers offer discounts via PostFinance Benefit?

Large companies such as H&M, Dosenbach and About You use PostFinance Benefit, as do smaller, local retailers. Customers benefit from discounts of up to 30%. 

Would you like to get money back while shopping? Here you can find out how to register for PostFinance Benefit in e-finance.

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