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Created on 19.02.2018

What is impact investing?

Are you looking to achieve more with your money than simply financial return? There are ways of investing money that consciously aim to deliver social and environmental benefits as far as possible. One such example is impact investing. But what exactly does it involve, and who is it available to?

Have you ever considered investing your money in a sustainable way? Then perhaps impact investing is the right option for you. The goal is exactly as it sounds – to make an impact investors do not put their money into shares or funds, but instead into specially selected social and environmental projects.

Impact investing achieves quantifiable added value

An impact investor’s main aim – in addition to financial return – is achieving quantifiable added value for society and the environment. Well-defined and verifiable benchmarks ensure that investors can clearly see the impact of investment in very specific, tangible projects. Examples include supporting, promoting and integrating people with disabilities at professional workshops, or providing small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Can anyone become an impact investor?

If you would like to become an impact investor, you first need to consider which issues are most important to you. Then hopefully nothing will stand in your way.

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