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Created on 14.01.2021

Sustainable investments: how well informed are you?

Do you really know about sustainable investment? Companies committed to socially responsible, cost-effective and eco-friendly corporate management are attracting lots of attention nowadays. But not all investors have a clear understanding of the keywords ESG criteria, impact investing and green bonds. Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Crystal clear, got a fair idea or completely baffled? Put your knowledge on sustainable investment to the test by answering these seven questions. There is one correct answer to each question.

1. For a fund to be classified as sustainable, it has to invest in companies that…
2. ESG stands for...
3. The best-in-class approach aims to…
4. When investment is made directly in specially selected socially responsible or eco-friendly companies or organizations – such as in the areas of renewable energies, micro-finance or sustainable agriculture – this is known as …
5. What are green bonds?
6. Which statement is correct?
7. Why is it assumed that sustainable investments have a good chance of generating returns despite high standards?
This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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