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Created on 19.02.2018

Put it simply, please! What exactly is social trading?

Jenny Vonäsch, Market Manager Investment Solutions at PostFinance, explains in 45 seconds what social trading is.

That was fast! If you want to read Jenny’s 45-second explanation again, you’ll find it here:

Social trading is a combination of social media and securities trading. Opening an account on social trading platforms, such as Wikifolio, is quite straightforward. Account holders can follow other users who publish their trading strategies on these sites. You see a sample custody account and the investment decisions of an experienced trader and can follow them directly yourself. Essentially, you copy their trading strategy. The benefit of social trading is that you can actively trade securities yourself without having to intensively study the investments yourself beforehand. However, deciding which trader to follow can be a challenge.

You can find out more about social trading in the article «Social trading – become a stock market trader using social trading».

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