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Created on 20.02.2019

Put it simply, please! Fund fees

What fees do I have to pay if I want to invest money in funds? Adrian Merz, Head of the Customer Zone at the Berne branch of PostFinance, explains everything you need to know in 45 seconds.

Explained quickly and simply by Adrian. If you’d like to read over the details again, you’ll find them here:

Investors need a fund custody account before they can buy fund units in the first place. At some banks, a custody account fee is charged for this account. You then have to pay issuing commission as an investor when you purchase fund units. This is a one-off fee for transferring the fund units to your possession. The bank decides on the level of the fee.

A redemption commission may be incurred when selling fund units. Costs are also incurred for the management and administration of the fund. These are combined to form the total expense ratio (TER) and debited from your fund assets once a year. The level of the TER can be found in the fund factsheet.

At PostFinance, there are somewhat better conditions for investors who own or purchase funds: PostFinance does not charge custody account fees and does not charge redemption commission on the sale of funds.

Where can investors find further information on funds? Lara Schmied, Funds Product Manager at PostFinance, also explains this in just 45 seconds in the video “Put it simply, please! Where can you find information on funds?".

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