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Created on 09.05.2018 | Updated on 27.08.2019

Put it simply, please! Fund information

Lara Schmied, PostFinance Funds Product Manager, explains in 45 seconds in which documents you can find the most important information on funds.

Fund factsheet, KIID and interim/annual report

That was great, Lara! For all those who found 45 seconds a bit short, here is the detailed explanation about the factsheet, the KIID and the Annual or Interim Report again:

Investors who have fund units can find detailed information about their fund in the following three documents:

The infographic displays the following documents: factsheet, KIID and interim/annual report, in which you can find information on funds.
  • Factsheet: the factsheet provides an overview of funds. They summarize the key characteristics of the fund, such as volume, past performance, risk, investment strategy, largest positions, financial key figures etc. Find out more about the factsheet in the article “How to read the fund factsheet?”. 
  • Key investor information document (KIID): the KIID is a mandatory publication that exists for every fund. It gives details of risks, costs and investment targets.
  • Interim/Annual Report: these contain a list of positions, costs, and the change in positions in your fund as a percentage.

You can find up-to-date documents at

Do you want to find out more about how to assess the quality of a fund? You can find more information in the article «How can I assess the quality of a fund?».

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