House view

PostFinance is all about investment expertise. We have successfully been providing tailored investment solutions that suit personal asset growth building plans for 20 years now. In order to track economic growth trends on the financial market and within the global economy itself, and to ensure we make the right decisions for our investors based on this information, we have formed an investment committee. The investment committee meets once a month to decide what the “PostFinance house view” is. The results of this house view determine our positioning.

PF investment compass – August 2019

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Are we on the brink of a recession? This question is currently a source of worry for financial markets. We recommend gradually reducing the risks in your portfolio.


Moderate risk reduction

In view of the economic situation, we recommend a further moderate reduction of risk. By contrast, Swiss real estate funds should benefit from the interest rate environment.

It’s a better idea to adjust your portfolio step
by step.

Market overview

No summer relief for the stock exchanges

The equity markets did not continue to soar, with equities suffering losses worldwide. Safe investments such as gold, government bonds and Swiss francs experienced high demand.


Political risks lead to slowdown in growth

The first economic growth estimates in the second quarter of 2019 confirm what was apparent from leading indicators: the global economy has experienced a considerable slowdown.

Model portfolios

A slight reduction in equity allocation

Uncertainty has returned to the financial markets. We are again reducing our equity allocation ever so slightly. At the same time, we are increasing the weighting of real estate funds.