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Want your money to work for you? We show you how you can get more from your money than through saving alone. Background information about investments helps you to fill in the gaps. Determine your personal investor profile online and find out which fund investment suits you best. You will also learn how you can use e-trading to trade securities on your own.

Investing – in simple terms

Do you know what a fund or share is? Or why it’s worth investing, even with small amounts of money? You can find easy-to-understand articles about investments here, with new ones added on a regular basis.

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Your investor profile

Do you want to build up your assets systematically? Are you looking for investment products that suit your needs? Discover your risk appetite and risk capacity by determining your investor profile.

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A clear range of first-rate funds

The selection of tried-and-tested funds simplifies your investment decision, as an extensive analysis of the quality of the funds has already been done for you. Funds are less risky than direct investments in shares and bonds. With a funds saving plan from PostFinance, you can systematically build up your assets from as little as CHF 100 per quarter.

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Trade on the stock exchange with e-trading

With PostFinance e-trading, you can trade your securities yourself online. You can buy and sell shares, bonds, derivatives and funds on the world’s major stock exchanges and benefit from an attractive, transparent brokerage structure.

The most important stock exchanges and stock market prices

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