Accounts for children

Find the right product for your loved ones

Set aside money for your little ones on a regular basis with our accounts or a funds saving plan. Whether it’s for your children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces or nephews – you will be able to fund small and large dreams later in their lives, such as a driving test or their education. You can open all of these products in your e-finance, allowing you to keep track of how much you have paid into the relevant account at all times.

You are a parent or legal guardian

As a parent or legal representative, you can open various products for your child in order to set aside money for them on a regular basis. The youth account is in the name of the child. When they reach the age of twelve, the child receives their own PostFinance Card. If you manage the youth account using e-finance, you can open an e-savings account there. Your child will benefit from a preferential interest rate of 0.55% until the age of 20. Alternatively, the funds saving plan offers higher potential returns in the long term. From as little as 20 francs a month, you can invest in the fund of your choice. 

You are a grandparent, godmother or godfather

With the gift savings account, we have the ideal solution for you as a grandparent, godmother or godfather, allowing you to set aside money regularly in the child’s name. As the giver, you receive an account card for withdrawals and can add the gift savings account to your e-finance, allowing you to keep track of how much you have paid into the account at all times. When the person for whom you opened the account reaches the age of 18, they will receive a gift certificate for handover.

Great prospects for children – and a warm thank you from us

If you pay in CHF 50 within the first month to the newly opened e-savings account or savings account for your child or the newly opened gift savings account for your grandchild or godchild, we’ll give you an original money pouch made from old mail bags.