Conditions of participation – youth and student account special offer

Anybody who opens a youth or student account including e-finance with PostFinance between 26 April and 31 May 2019 will have their new account credited with CHF 50 by mid-June at the latest (payment date: 19 June 2019). The offer is valid once on opening the first youth or student account in the given period.

You must be authorized for the relevant account (youth or student account) in order to receive the account credit of CHF 50 when opening a youth or student account including e-finance. The requirements for the two account types are as follows:

Requirements for youth account

All persons resident in Switzerland between the ages of 12 and 20 are eligible to take part. Important: People who have not yet reached the age of 12 are excluded from the offer. This is because you must be at least 12 years of age to have power of attorney for an account and to open your own e-finance participation.

Requirements for student account

All persons between 18 and 30 years of age who are resident in Switzerland are eligible to take part provided they have completed basic or advanced training (vocational training, middle school, technical education, higher technical education, university of applied sciences, university) and can provide proof thereof with a valid education/training certificate.

Account opening point of contact

It makes no difference how or where the youth or student account is opened: online via, at a PostFinance branch or in a branch of a post office. The CHF 50 credit will be offered to every new customer who opens a youth or student account during the special offer period. In addition to opening an account, e-finance must also be opened and a valid mobile phone number and e-mail address must be provided to PostFinance.

The participants’ information in the registration form may be used by PostFinance for marketing purposes. Participants have the option of prohibiting PostFinance from using their information for marketing purposes via the Contact Center (tel.: 0848 888 710). To the extent permitted by law, PostFinance does not accept any liability.

Any right of appeal is excluded.