Model portfolios – Swiss focus

valid from 21.09.2022

Defensive into the autumn

The summer high in the financial markets was followed by more difficult weather last month. Investors were caught up in concerns about inflation and the economy. In addition, the central banks surprised the financial markets with their rigorous statements on fighting inflation. Defensive positioning in portfolios was therefore appropriate.

The prospects for better weather in autumn are slim. High inflation and rising interest rates will pose challenges for consumers and cause an economic slowdown. We therefore confirm the defensive orientation in our portfolios.

Interest income

Liquidity 12%, equities 12%, fixed income 60%, alternative investments 16%


Liquidity 12%, equities 25%, fixed income 47%, alternative investments 16%


Liquidity 11%, equities 44%, fixed income 29%, alternative investments 16%


Liquidity 13%, equities 61%, fixed income 10%, alternative investments 16%

Capital gains

Liquidity 13%, equities 76%, fixed income 0%, alternative investments 11%
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