Model portfolios – Swiss focus

valid from 18.01.2023

Preference for emerging market investments

We remain defensively positioned in equity and bond investments in the markets of the industrialised nations. In the short term, we consider the potential for price gains to be limited. On the other hand, we are more positive about equities and bonds from emerging markets and Asia. These could continue to benefit from the weakening US dollar. 

We are taking initial profits on listed Swiss real estate funds, but still consider these investments more interesting than equities. In contrast to equities, the funds, most of which are invested in residential real estate, should provide stable income even in economically difficult times. 

Interest income

Liquidity 12%, equities 12%, fixed income 60%, alternative investments 16%
Source: PostFinance


Liquidity 13%, equities 25%, fixed income 47%, alternative investments 15%
Quelle: PostFinance


Liquidity 12%, equities 44%, fixed income 29%, alternative investments 15%
Source: PostFinance


Liquidity 14%, equities 61%, fixed income 10%, alternative investments 15%
Quelle: PostFinance

Capital gains

Liquidity 15%, equities 76%, fixed income 0%, alternative investments 9%
Source: PostFinance
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