Model portfolios – Swiss focus: Reduced risk still appropriate

The rapid spread of the coronavirus worldwide has shocked the markets. A recession of the global economy seems inevitable. However, the full extent of the consequences of the measures taken to combat the coronavirus will only become clearer in the course of the coming weeks and months. For this reason, we recommend keeping the risk in the portfolio at a reduced level and not yet using the current market slump as an opportunity to buy stocks. We also recommend reducing the overweight in emerging market bonds, as the creditworthiness of some countries is heavily dependent on the price of oil and is therefore suffering from the fall in prices.

We are currently preparing to incorporate our tactical investment positioning into the relevant product solutions. These new investment solutions will be launched on the Swiss market during the course of 2020. We are implementing our house view in model portfolios, as shown below. Until the official launch of these new investment solutions, PostFinance is not providing any investment advice based on this tactical investment positioning and is not accepting any asset management mandates either.

Interest income

Liquidity 18%, equities 8%, fixed income 62%, alternative investments 12%
Source: PostFinance


Liquidität 17%, Aktien 21%, Obligationen 50%, Alternative Anlagen 12%
Quelle: PostFinance


Liquidity 15%, equities 40%, fixed income 33%, alternative investments 12%
Source: PostFinance


Liquidität 15%, Aktien 56%, Obligationen 17%, Alternative Anlagen 12%
Quelle: PostFinance

Capital gains

Liquidity 11%, equities 73%, fixed income 4%, alternative investments 12%
Source: PostFinance
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