Model portfolios – Swiss focus: Neutral tactical alignment of our portfolios

Market nervousness has been reduced due to decreasing risks related to the US elections and breakthroughs in the search for a corona vaccine. We also expect that the economic difficulties of the second wave of corona will lead to a continued very expansionary economic policy. Accordingly, after a prolonged period of more defensive positioning, we are bringing the equity component of our portfolios back to a neutral tactical positioning and are placing an emphasis on China. We are taking the gains from the gold position we have held since the beginning of the year, and are increasing our equity position again, continuing our shift in weighting towards East Asian equities.

Interest income

Liquidity 3%, equities 12%, fixed income 73%, alternative investments 14%
Source: PostFinance


Liquidity 2%, equities 26%, fixed income 58%, alternative investments 14%
Quelle: PostFinance


Liquidity 3%, equities 46%, fixed income 37%, alternative investments 14%
Source: PostFinance


Liquidity 3%, equities 66%, fixed income 19%, alternative investments 12%
Quelle: PostFinance

Capital gains

Liquidity 3%, equities 85%, fixed income 0%, alternative investments 12%
Source: PostFinance
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