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valid from 23.05.2023

Emerging market stocks with attractive buying opportunity

The persistently gloomy economic outlook and restrictive monetary policy are increasingly making themselves felt in the financial markets. Thus, the dynamics on the bond and equity markets have slowed down considerably in the meantime. The US dollar, on the other hand, has recently recovered somewhat. However, this is not yet a turnaround. Since last autumn, the American currency has lost almost 10 percent on a trade-weighted basis. Despite this downward trend, it is still clearly overvalued in our view. Thus, the US dollar has further downside potential. In the past, emerging market assets in particular have benefited from a weak US dollar. With the recent decline in emerging market equities, there is now an attractive buying opportunity. We recommend to slightly increase the weighting of emerging market equities.

Interest income

Liquidity 12%, equities 13%, fixed income 61%, alternative investments 14%
Source: PostFinance


Liquidity 13%, equities 26%, fixed income 48%, alternative investments 13%
Quelle: PostFinance


Liquidity 11%, equities 45%, fixed income 31%, alternative investments 13%
Source: PostFinance


Liquidity 11%, equities 63%, fixed income 13%, alternative investments 13%
Quelle: PostFinance

Capital gains

Liquidity 14%, equities 78%, fixed income 0%, alternative investments 8%
Source: PostFinance
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