House view – our publications

PostFinance is all about investment expertise. We have successfully been providing tailored investment solutions that suit personal asset growth building plans for 20 years now. The review of economic developments in the financial markets and the global economy and the decisions for our investors based on this review are implemented by our investment committee. The investment committee meets once a month to decide what the “PostFinance house view” is. The results of this house view determine our positioning.

Investment compass

The investment compass provides PostFinance’s house view of the financial markets in concise form. It draws upon our investment and research expertise and aims to provide you with the best, most up-to-date investment appraisals. 

Investment compass compact

The key information from the last four issues of PostFinance investment compass is summarized in an attractive, refreshing and easy-to-understand way. Readers can use this concise issue to get information on financial and economic topics in brief and find out about our investment services.

Investment navigator

What can investors expect for 2020? Our aspiration with the annual PF investment navigator is to provide a review of the highlights of the past year, to take a look at today's view of the market and to venture a look into the future. We analyse opportunities and risks and highlight prospects for Swiss investors.