Website optimizations made even more intuitive

PostFinance is constantly evolving, and that includes optimization of the website. As a result, apperars with a new and fresh look since 12 February 2024. The focus is on a new structure, a user-friendly design and a service tailored to your needs.

These are the changes that await you

Optimized navigation

Navigate our new website structure quickly and according to your needs. With our modified navigation tool, you’ll find the product you want quickly, regardless of whether you’re opening a new account or taking out a mortgage.

Quick access

We’ve restructured our homepage so you can access the product you want directly from there and see the information you need right away. If there’s anything you’re unable to find straight away, we offer various support options.

Content tailored to your needs

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we have reworked our homepage content to respond even better to your information needs.