PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard®

Trouble-free payment in online shops

Is your favourite shop not so local? Do you want to save time and prefer to handle your purchases online? With the new PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard®, you can shop online everywhere, easily and quickly.

The benefits at a glance

  • Secure payment in online shops – with one-time 3-D Secure registration

  • Shop in online shops worldwide

  • Quick and easy payment processing

  • Direct debit from your account

  • Push notifications after successful payment, if desired

Make purchases online worldwide with the new PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard. You can make payments as usual in online shops with the usual PostFinance Card payment method; if the retailer doesn’t offer this option, choose Mastercard. Just look out for the PostFinance or Mastercard logo. One-time 3-D Secure registration is required to make a payment with Debit Mastercard.

  • Pay securely anytime with your PostFinance Card. This is ensured by the internationally recognized 3-D Secure process. Complete the one-time 3-D Secure activation now so nothing stands in your way when paying online with your Debit Mastercard.

    And, by activating 3-D Secure, you’ll get a push notification you can use to authorize the payment.

    Precondition: Swiss mobile phone number.

    In e-finance

    Activate 3-D Secure in the credit card settings in e-finance.

    In the app

    Activate 3-D Secure in four steps in the PostFinance App.

    1. On the app homepage choose “More”
    2. Tap on “My cards”
    3. Select the card for which you want to activate 3-D Secure
    4. Activate 3-D Secure in the card settings

    Without e-finance or app

    Activate 3-D Secure by The link will open in a new window entering your card data. It takes several working days to complete the registration.

  • You can pay with your PostFinance Card in online shops as usual. Depending on the online shop, you can choose between paying with the PostFinance App, via e-finance or by entering your card details.

    • ID number
    • The last eight digits of the number on the front

    If there’s no “PostFinance” option, use the “Mastercard” option.

    Make payments with Debit Mastercard – how to proceed

    In the online shop, select the “Mastercard” option and follow the instructions. In most cases, you will have to enter the following data (additional checks are at the merchant’s discretion):

    • card number
    • card expiry date
    • verification code
    • The new PostFinance Card is combined with Debit Mastercard. This enables payment in all places showing the PostFinance or the Mastercard logo.

    • No. In both cases, your account is debited directly and there are no additional costs.

    • There are online shops that only accept Mastercard as a payment method. In this case, choose “Mastercard”. The online shop doesn’t offer payment processing via PostFinance.

    • You can fund more information on or on PostFinance Card in CHF.