New website – Simpler than everyday life

Watering the flowers, cleaning your teeth and folding the laundry – our new website is simpler than everyday life. A modern design, sleek structure and short and snappy contents are very much in tune with the times.

“The website is our customers’ most important access point to us. It has been completely revamped and now provides a positive, emotional and consistent user experience across all devices.” Ines Anderegg, (Product Owner)

Six examples of practical new features:

  • You receive help with the most searched-for topics, a specific search in the center and structuring in line with your requirements.

    “The newly designed support area is geared towards providing fast, targeted support for our independent customers.” Matthias Christen (Product Owner)

  • We have created the new website together with our customers – they have told us where they best like things and how the site should be structured.

    “We’ve tailored the navigation to our customers’ wishes and behaviour through various customer tests.” Andreas Müller (IT Project Manager)

  • Searching by segment, filtering search results and the support area with the most searched-for topics makes searching much easier.

    “The content and structure have been completely overhauled for PostFinance’s new website and high-performance, state-of-the-art search technology has been deployed,” Anita Brenner (Content Manager)

  • Our website will always be optimally displayed on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.) regardless of where you are.

    “Focusing on the essentials makes navigation easier on all devices.” Bea von Känel (Content Manager)

  • Keep it short and sweet – everything is succinct. Clear product cards show how everyone can keep their finances under control even more easily.

    “The tiles, which lead to the product pages, provide genuine added value on the new site. The icon and animations on the mouse-over provide a good overview of the product or service before clicking.” Alexander Graf (Head of Communication)

  • Chat with our customer advisors to obtain the fastest possible support from our specialists. 

    “The new website also has a chat function which means customers receive answers to burning questions about PostFinance’s products and services directly.” Jean-Jacques Toffel (Head of Contact Center)