Credit cards and prepaid cards

Benefit twice

Have you heard? If you pay using a PostFinance credit card or prepaid card, your account gets a small cut of the purchase amount – thanks to turnover reimbursement. Order a card now and receive an additional 50 francs in credit.

Order a credit or prepaid card and benefitOrder a credit or prepaid card and benefit

Now is an especially good time to apply for a credit or prepaid card. You will benefit from turnover reimbursement and, depending on the card, get 0.3 or 0.5 percent of the purchase sum back each time you use it – and even 0.6 or 1 percent in the first year. If you order by 26 December 2021, we will also credit your PostFinance account with 50 francs at the end of January 2022 provided your application is successfully verified.

The right card for every need

The advantages of your credit card

  • A gift of 50 francs (up to 26 December 2021)

  • Turnover reimbursement – earn money whenever you spend money

  • Complete control: keep an eye on your spending via the PostFinance App and e-finance

  • Relaxed and informed: free push and SMS notifications for transactions

  • Can’t find your card? No problem: block, unblock and order cards independently 24/7

Which credit card is right for me?

Find the card that best suits your needs in just a few steps. Or compare the cards at a glance.

Your card is always with you

Do you already use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, SwatchPAY!, Garmin Pay or Fitbit Pay? Add your PostFinance credit card to your mobile phone and use it to make secure and fast payments in stores, apps or online.

Purchase with peace of mind

Track your spending at any time in the PostFinance App or in e-finance. Get free push or SMS notifications for transactions if you wish.

Card lost or stolen? You can block and unblock your card or order a replacement card on your own at any time in e-finance or via the PostFinance App. We are here for you by telephone too.

Bonus programme: benefit twice over in the first year

Benefit from turnover reimbursement of 0.3 or 0.5% of the purchase amount every time you use the card – there is even a double bonus in the first year. The reimbursements are automatically credited to your PostFinance account.

Example: Your annual spending with the Gold card amounts to 15,000 francs. 150 francs are credited to your PostFinance account – more than the annual cost of the card.