E-trading. Trading on the major stock exchanges


E-trading: For those who trade securities independently online

  • Securities custody account with three accounts in CHF, USD and EUR; other accounts in AUD, CAD, DKK, GBP, JPY, NOK and SEK possible
  • Trading credits and bonus programme
  • Buy and sell stocks, bonds, derivatives and funds
  • An attractive, transparent brokerage structure
  • Trade securities on the world's major stock markets Real-time price data for the SIX Swiss Exchange, SIX Structured Products, Bern eXchange and Swiss DOTS

    Mobile access via the PostFinance App

    Useful, free tools for searching, analysis and monitoring

Annual fee

The annual fee for one year will be debited at the start of the year.

1st custody account
CHF 90 per year (incl. 8% VAT)
Each additional custody account
CHF 30 per year (incl. 8% VAT)

Trading Credits

The annual fees will be credited to you in full as trading credits towards brokerage fees. Trading Credits can be used for securities transactions only. Unused Trading Credits expire at the end of the year.

Trading Credits equivalent to
1st custody account
CHF 90
Each additional custody account
CHF 30

Bonus programme

Thanks to the bonus programme, you will receive a staggered refund on the brokerage turnover. Only securities transactions qualify for the bonus programme. A staggered discount applies.

Number of trades per calendar year
0 to 9 trades
No reimbursement
10 to 19 trades
10% of brokerage turnover
20 or more trades
20% of brokerage turnover