3-D Secure, SMS card service and contactless payments

MasterCard / Visa

3-D Secure increases the security of your online payments, the SMS card service gives you access to your most recent transactions at any time, and contactless credit cards allow you to pay even more quickly and easily.

3-D Secure: approved security standard

3-D Secure is an internationally recognized security standard that offers protection for payments by credit and prepaid cards online. 3-D Secure is used by many online shops and is free of charge.

This is how 3-D Secure works

Once you have registered for the service, a new window opens during the payment process next time you make purchases online. The security notice you have selected appears in the window, prompting you to enter your personal password for identification purposes.

Here's how to register for 3-D Secure

You can either register directly here or you will be asked to do so automatically next time you make purchases from an online shop that offers 3-D Secure. You need your credit or prepaid card to register as well as your card account number. This information can be found on your transaction overview/monthly invoice or in e-finance.

SMS card service: transaction overview

The SMS card service gives you access to your available balance and most recent transactions any time and anywhere.

Enquiry options via SMS

Send the relevant keyword and the last four digits of your card number to speed-dial number 963.

Transactions and balance:
Send cardinfo XXXX to 963

Available balance:
Send cardsaldo XXXX to 963

The SMS enquiry costs CHF 0.20. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time by contacting the PostFinance Card Center on 0848 888 400 (charges apply).

Register free of charge now

To register, you will need:

  • Your PostFinance MasterCard or PostFinance Visa Card
  • Your card account number (this can be found on your transaction statement/monthly statement or in the transaction summary in e-finance)

Contactless payments with PayPass and payWave

In addition to the previous usage options, you can pay even more easily, quickly and conveniently with PayPass from MasterCard and payWave from Visa.

Here's how it works

  1. Just hold your card against a card terminal with this symbol
  2. Wait for the green light to flash
  3. Your purchases have been paid for


  • PayPass and payWave offer optimal encryption, making them just as secure as all other cashless payment methods. This has been borne out by successful risk tests around the world
  • For payments exceeding CHF 40, you will still need to identify yourself with your PIN

Exchange your current card

If your PostFinance credit card does not have the contactless payment function, we will be happy to exchange it free of charge. Please call us or send us a personal message (via Contact/Mailbox in e-finance).