PostFinance Gold Cards


Gold credit cards. With an attractive bonus programme

Details on the offer

Bonus programme

With the unlimited cash bonus programme for the PostFinance credit and prepaid cards you can benefit from double the usual turnover reimbursement of 0.75% in the first year, earning you 1.5%. The payment is made into your private account semi-annually, in July and December.

Debits not included in the refund include: Cash withdrawals, fees and interest.

Transaction overview and charging your card in e-finance

The secure online access via e-finance provides control of your card at all times:

  • Calling your available amount and your card limit
  • Verification of the last purchases, payments and cash withdrawals
  • Calling the last two billing periods
  • Calling the incurred bonus amount to the last settlement
  • Charging your card

Requirement for the online access are a private account and associated e-finance contract in the main card holder's name. Partner card holders have no access to the credit card transactions.

Text message card service

You may call your available amount or the last transactions on your credit or prepaid card by mobile phone.

For more information on the text message card service and the link for registration, see here:

Avis - Gold

Book your rented vehicle via the link below and pay with your PostFinance Visa or MasterCard. The discount will be deducted automatically:

Place your reservation by calling 0848 81 18 18. Mention the "AWD" (Avis Worldwide Discount number). You can find it on the reverse of your Gold card.

Payment modalities and safety

Payment modalities

Payment period for the monthly bill20 days, then set-off against default interest
Partial paymentPossible if there is no danger of overindebtedness
Settlement debitedSettlement via debit direct, e-bill or inpayment slip
ChargingFree in e-finance under "Credit cards", "Charge"


Personal identification number (PIN)The card is protected by a freely selectable PIN if lost.
Card locking service in case of loss
(7/24 hours)
In Switzerland: Phone 0848 888 400 (CHF 0.08/min. from a landline)
From abroad: Phone +41 44 828 32 81
Card replacementAs soon as possible, usually within two working days

3-D Secure

(online shopping)

For more information on 3-D Secure and a link for registration, see here: 3-D Secure

Details on prices and conditions

Withdrawing cash

Monthly cash withdrawal limitsCHF 1,000/day at the ATM or counter max. 20% of the card limit
Cash withdrawal at the ATM in CHF3.5% (at least CHF 10)
Cash withdrawal at the ATM in foreign currency

3.5% (at least CHF 10) and
0.9% processing surcharge (exchange rate: UBS currency sales rate)


Monthly spending limit Individual
Purchases in foreign currency 0.9% processing surcharge
(exchange rate: UBS currency sales rate)
Partial payment 9.5% effective annual interest rate

Additional cards/card loss

Partner cardCHF 40
Replacement cardCHF 20
Card lockFree
Liability in case of loss/theftNo liability

Termination of the previous credit or prepaid card

If you no longer wish to have your previous credit or prepaid card, you may terminate it here as follows:

  1. Complete the following form
  2. Send the signed form the corresponding credit card issuer

Cash-free around the world

Travel securely with PostFinance cards: Cash-free around the world.