Mobile ID

Log in with your mobile phone – easily and conveniently

Log in to e-finance conveniently with the device that you always have with you – your mobile phone. All you need is a SIM card from Swisscom or Sunrise that supports Mobile ID. Using the Mobile ID, you get access to e-finance wherever you are: via desktop or app.


A Swisscom or M-Budget phone number

    A Sunrise or MTV phone number excl. prepaid

    • SIM card with active Mobile ID
    • Individual or joint signatory powers for a private or business account in CHF


    Use of Mobile ID is free of charge in the first year, and thereafter costs only CHF 4 annually.

    Please note that Sunrise may charge you a one-off fee for the Mobile ID compatible SIM card.

2. Step: Activate Mobile ID on the SIM card

As soon as you have your Mobile ID compatible SIM card, activate your Mobile ID with your mobile provider.

Activate Mobile ID on a SIM card:

3. Step: Register your Mobile ID in e-finance

Log in to e-finance with your PostFinance Card and the yellow card reader. On the top right of the blue bar select "Settings and Services" and register your Mobile ID for e-finance access in the "Login" tile.