Private account plus

Private account plus. With added benefits


E-finance: Round the clock access to your account

  • Safe log-in procedure using a reader and your PostFinance Card Direct plus ID function
  • Data encryption in accordance with internationally-accepted standard
Account information
  • Overview of accounts/assets
  • Overview of transactions (as far back as 15 months)
Electronic account documents
  • Account and order statements available for download
  • In CHF and foreign currencies, for payments in Switzerland and abroad
  • One-off orders and standing orders
E-savings account
  • The ideal e-finance investment account in e-finance
  • Buy and sell PostFinance funds

Types of payment instruction

Payment order Issue your payment orders through e-finance or send us your payment slips by post.
Standing order For recurring payments (rent) and for setting aside money
Direct Debit For regular payments (telephone, credit card bills, etc.).
E-bill (only with e-finance) Receive bills electronically and pay with only 3 clicks of the mouse

Using your PostFinance Card Direct in CHF or EUR

Withdraw cash in Switzerland and abroad at no further charge – read more about your options with the free PostFinance Card.

Account management

Customer assets of up to CHF 25,000
CHF 12/month
Customers assets exceeding CHF 25,000
Free of charge

Calculating customer assets

  • A customer's assets comprise all accounts maintained under the same customer number
  • When calculating customer assets, the following accounts are included on the basis of the monthly average: private account/private account plus, savings account and e-savings account
  • The following products are taken into account on the basis of the month-end balance: medium term notes, fixed-term deposits, retirement savings account 3a, vested benefits account, funds from PostFinance and e-trading

Electronic or paper account statements

Monthly for private accountsFree of charge
Quarterly for savings accountsFree of charge
Quarterly for e-savings accounts (only electronically)Free of charge

Debit interest

The debit interest on a negative balance is 9.5%.


Debit Direct (direct debit)Free of charge
E-billFree of charge
Outpayment order up to CHF 100
Outpayment order CHF 101 up to CHF 500CHF 8.50
Outpayment order CHF 501 up to CHF 1,000
Outpayment order for each additional CHF 1,000 or fraction thereof

Overdraft limit

When applying for an account please indicate if you would like an overdraft limit. The granting of an overdraft depends upon your credit rating and on credits being booked regularly. PostFinance reserves the right to reduce the overdraft limit.

Watch your customer assets grow

  • Invest all your assets with PostFinance. There is no charge for account management when your customer assets are over CHF 7,500 (private account plus CHF 25,000)
  • If you have a mortgage or life insurance from PostFinance, the account management for your private account or private account plus is free of charge if the account is maintained under the same customer name or the same customer number

Enjoy the interest benefits of the (e-)savings account

Use our standing order service to transfer money regularly from your private account to your e-savings or your savings account