Daily payments in Switzerland, abroad and online

Cashless payments are convenient and secure. PostFinance offers a comprehensive range of payment solutions to meet all your everyday requirements. Whether you're in your favourite restaurant or a filling station in Switzerland, a clothes shop abroad or an online shop at home.

Payments in Switzerland

Even if you don't have any change, your pockets will never be empty thanks to the cards from PostFinance. You can choose between:

  • the PostFinance Card, not only for making cashless payments, but also for withdrawing money at Migros, Manor, Spar and SBB
  • PostFinance credit cards with an attractive bonus programme and the possibility to make contactless payments or
  • a combined solution

Shop conveniently in online shops

Do you enjoy shopping online? And is secure payment important to you? If so, opt for the PostFinance Card or PostFinance credit cards with the international security standard 3-D Secure as a payment solution in more than 8,000 shops, or use your online banking login elements for larger sums. Many online shops offer the option of storing your favourite payment method. This makes online purchasing an even more pleasant experience.

Never short of liquidity abroad

Wherever your journey takes you: With the right combination of travel payment methods, you will have a constant supply of money around the globe at all times. By way of example, you can choose between:

  • the PostFinance Card for cash withdrawals worldwide
  • PostFinance credit cards for cashless payments, cash withdrawals worldwide or
  • bank notes in 80 foreign currencies

You are rewarded with these cards

The more purchases you make, the more money you get back: you can enjoy an attractive bonus programme thanks to the PostFinance credit cards.

Easy access to your favourite music

It couldn't be simpler: buy credit for iTunes, Spotify, Paysafecard etc. easily via the PostFinance App, in e-finance or at Postomats.

Topping up credit is now even easier

Is your mobile phone balance about to hit zero?Top up your prepaid credit now via the PostFinance App or at Postomats.