Use your smartphone and tablet safely

Smartphones and tablets contain personal data and allow access to a range of services. With a few specific measures, you can protect your devices from misuse.

  • Our apps automatically use a secure, encrypted connection to PostFinance. As a result, nobody can intercept or modify the data transmitted.

    Avoid public hotspots and only use encrypted WLAN connections from operators that you trust.

  • PostFinance uses modern security procedures to ensure that you are the only person who can access your financial data.

  • Use device locks

    Activate the device lock and protect your data from prying eyes. Even if your mobile or tablet is only unattended for a short time.

    Apps from official sources

    Apps are checked for malicious code in the App Store and on Google Play. Always obtain your apps from authorized, credible providers.

    Jailbreaking & rooting

    Jailbreaking or rooting can be used to bypass the security functions of the operating system. Avoid making modifications of this kind.

    Virus scanners

    Smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system should be protected with a virus scanner. These can be obtained and installed via Google Play.

    Secure WLAN

    Avoid public hotspots: their operators as well as all the other users who are logged in can monitor all the data transmitted.

    Only use networks with active encryption from operators that you trust.


    Keep your operating system and the apps you have installed up to date at all times. Most devices send you a notification when new software is available.

    Lost your device? Any questions?

    Have you lost your smartphone with the PostFinance App on it? Do you have any questions about the app or about suspicious transactions?

    Give us a call: 0848 880 044 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)