Authentication with voice recognition

In the PostFinance Contact Center, we can verify your identity based on your voice. Once we have your voiceprint, we will be able to recognize you in all future calls by your voice. This increases security and saves time.

  • A person's voice is unique, and they have different characteristics. By using a voiceprint, PostFinance can tell whether the person calling is really who they say they are. Customers who have provided a voiceprint will no longer have to answer questions on themselves or their account as a result. This increases security and reduces the time needed to resolve queries.

    Activate voice recognition

    • Under “Adjust settings” below, switch to e-finance and activate voice recognition there. By doing so, you consent to us creating a voiceprint for you the next time you call the Contact Center. We create your voiceprint without asking you again.
    • Second option: no action for the time being. The next time you phone the Call Centre, the customer advisor will ask you whether you would like a voiceprint made. By answering “yes”, we will create a recording of your voice.

    Deactivate voice recognition

    Under “Adjust settings” below, switch to e-finance and change the settings. Your voiceprint will be deleted.

    • A voiceprint is made up of a voice’s characteristics, including speed, frequency and volume. It is saved in the form of a code value, in other words what is actually said is not saved.
    • The voiceprint is then saved in the PostFinance security zone in Switzerland. Voiceprints are solely used for the purpose of authentication.
    • PostFinance protects your data using comprehensive technical resources and organizational measures. The protection of your data is our top priority.
    • Before a voiceprint is created, the customer is asked a few questions about themselves and their account to verify their identity. This is to ensure a third party cannot create a voiceprint in your name.
  • How would I benefit from providing a voiceprint?

    PostFinance will be able to recognize you by your voice. You will no longer need to answer questions about yourself or your account. This means we will be able to address your query straight away and resolve it quicker.

    I am unsure whether my voiceprint has already been created. Where can I check?

    You can see whether you have already agreed to voice recognition in e-finance under “Settings and services”, “Login and security”.

    If I have a cold and have lost my voice, will the system still recognize it?

    Yes, because the way your voice sounds is only one component of a voiceprint. Even if your voice changes over time, voice recognition is still possible.

    What if someone has a very similar voice to mine?

    The way your voice sounds is only one component of a voiceprint. Voice recognition analyses the unique way you speak.

    What actually happens if the caller’s voice does not match the voiceprint?

    PostFinance staff will receive a message. The conversation will be ended. In the event of attempted fraud, the customer advisor will also take internal actions.

    What happens if my voice is not recognized?

    That is very rare, and may only occur for instance if there are loud background noises or if several other voices in the proximity are audible. Should this happen, PostFinance will verify your identity with security questions.

    Will I be asked whether I agree to a recording of my voice being made?

    •  Yes, as soon as you call the Contact Center for the first time once voice recognition has been introduced. If you do not agree, no voiceprint will be made. You can activate voice recognition in e-finance yourself. The next time you call the Contact Center, we will create a voiceprint without asking you for it again.
    • You can deactivate voice recognition at any time in e-finance or by phone.

    I do not want to provide a voiceprint, and I would like to continue having my identity verified with questions about my account and myself. What should I do?

    • Authentication via questions about yourself and your account is still possible.
    • If you do not want voice recognition, you can let us know by phone. If you change your mind at a later stage, you can activate voice recognition in e-finance, or tell us by sending a message through e-finance or by calling the Contact Center.
    • You can also tell us if you would like us to delete an existing voiceprint.

Adjust settings

Activate or deactivate voice recognition authentication in e-finance.