TWINT for retailers, companies and associations

Collect cashless payments with ease

TWINT enables you to collect cashless payments easily and securely. Whether you have a terminal, spend your time out and about, collect the membership fees for your association or sell your products online, TWINT offers the ideal product for any sales channel or payment situation.

TWINT: Payment collection that works for you

  • On site with or without a payment terminal

  • At the self-service checkout with the QR code sticker

  • Fast and secure in online shops or app shops

  • Straightforward and convenient at vending machines

Payment collection

With a terminal

Would you like to offer TWINT as a payment option on your existing terminal? Customer can make payments simply by scanning the QR code on the card terminal with the TWINT App.

With POS Payment Flex, PostFinance offers you the right payment solution for accepting TWINT in-store.

Without a terminal

Collect cashless payments without a payment terminal at both attended and self-service points of sale, such as farm shops or market stalls. Your customers simply scan the QR code sticker via TWINT and the amount is credited to your account.

Choose the QR code sticker that matches your sales offer.

  • No need to handle cash or a terminal
  • Transaction confirmation on the customer’s smartphone – by e-mail or SMS
  • Secure payments credited directly to your account
  • Fixed or freely selectable amounts

Register directly at to download your QR code or have a weather-resistant sticker sent to your house.

In online shops or app shops

In online or app shops, TWINT is a quick and easy solution for customers. Moreover, customers do not need to enter their credit card at the checkout. The advantages of TWINT for you:

  • You can reach more than 4 million TWINT users, including customers without a credit card
  • Fewer payment disruptions and payments credited immediately to your account

With Checkout Flex and All-in-One, PostFinance offers you the right payment solution for accepting TWINT in your online shop.

At restaurants

Would you like your restaurant guests to order and pay via QR code? That’s no problem at all thanks to PostFinance TWINT and Yoordi. Your customers simply scan the QR code and order whatever they’d like from the digital menu. The advantages for you:

  • Integrated with the cash register or Yoordi standalone
  • No hardware necessary
  • Tips can be easily integrated into the process
  • Hygienic service

At vending machines

We provide you with various options for using TWINT as a payment method at vending machines.

  • No need to waste time counting and storing cash
  • Theft is not possible. Payments are credited directly and securely to your account
  • Details of all TWINT transactions are listed in the TWINT partner portal
  • TWINT is the most popular mobile payment method in Switzerland

In associations

Whether you want to collect membership fees or money for a sponsored run, ask for donations or sell entrance tickets, food and tombola tickets at association parties: with TWINT your association benefits from a quick and simple solution with no fixed costs.

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