Call money

Targeted liquidity management

Call money is the right money market instrument for investors who want to invest their surplus cash for at least 48 hours. Make use of your financial leeway.

Call money: more flexibility

  • Investment with a minimum term of 48 hours

  • Minimum amount: CHF 1 million or equivalent in a foreign currency

  • Part-withdrawals and increases allowed during the term

  • Pays more interest than a business account

  • Current interest rate upon request (the interest rate may vary during the term)

  • Value date/notice period

    Value date
    Conclusion of transaction plus 2 working days
    Notice period
    2 working days
    Debit/credit to business account
    On value date

    Commission/withholding tax

    CHF 50 for withdrawals and increases of less than CHF 250,000 or equivalent in a foreign currency
    Withholding tax


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    AUD Australischer Dollar
    CAD Kanadischer Dollar
    DKK Dänische Krone
    EUR Euro
    GBP Britisches Pfund
    JPY Japanischer Yen
    NOK Norwegische Krone
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    USD Amerikanischer Dollar